Friday, August 26, 2011

Can I relate college Life to Cooking...!

Ya sure Professional College life (being i'm a profesional degree holder) can be compared with cookin...
Its a type of cookin... Makin of a gud human. Personality development, and findin out a way 2 live... The college wer v r studyin provides da place ie kitchen, v r the cooks. V r cukin our lif der. V can find many flavours der, peopl who select gud flavor wil survive. Others struggles, but dey also cmplte their cukin, wid sum tastles fud, bt aftr dat dey try again and make da tastles fud tasty adin sum xtra flavors.
Some r there, they masala to their cookin, in the startin time itslf, so it wil emit gud smel in da beginin itself, and we cal them as bhuji's. Some bhujis wil keep the flavour nd gud nature til the end. Some others wont keep that, nd we cal them 'acting bhuji'...

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