Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Find out da real U in U

In ma plus 2 days nd in ma high school days, it was a very tough task 2 catch da bus 2 school, bcz @ dat time, I hv 2 pay many of ma precious mornin times in front of mirror. I think many of ma dear frnds also felt da same nd v need 2 impres many.
But when time goes, mind also changes, I thought, y I need 2 impres othr ones?
Now I'm thinkin (nt nw after ma UG 1st yr), others must b impressd by wot nd how we are nw... Y we need 2 act b4 others? Its really rubbish dat 1 avoids golden oprtunities nd forgets da helpin mentalities, only bcz of the thought, 'wot others think...?'
So pls my dear frnds, wotever u r, be urself. Do wotever ur mind says true, not 2 show others, bt 2 keep ur mind happy...! Den u can win, wotever SUNAMIs came...

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